The following enquiry has been received from the Vietnam Supply Platoons Association asking if any of our members can assist.

Hi Lou,
Our Association has been trying to assist the wife of one of our late members to clarify his military service-for his grandchildren's sake. He was a Nasho and served 25 Sup Pl RAASC Feb-Nov 70. Posted as a clerk tech, he returned to Enoggera as a driver with 2 Tpt Pl before discharging and returning to civilian life.
The above info reflects pages from his military records that I have included along with a photo of said member. I served with this guy until my RTA April 70.

I am asking if you can track down any of your guys who served during that period and may have known Mick. I know, it is a strange request but one of our SNCOs at the time tells me he did a stint with 7 RAR and got shot, and was a great air despatcher. I suspect he has the wrong guy but, this is the purpose of this email-clarify.

I hope you can help and please feel free to pass on my details to any who you think can help.

Par Oneri,
Russ Morison
Secretary RAASC Vietnam Supply Platoons Association

0408 947 935